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Our Team

Dennis E, Black

Owner, Chief Engineer and C.E.O


Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania, 1981
Professional Engineer, Maryland, 1994
Professional Engineer, West Virginia, 1994
Professional Surveyor, West Virginia, 1996

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Drexel University, 1974
Mr. Black has over 38 years of providing professional services in civil engineering in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Mr. Black is currently a Principal, Chief Engineer and C.E.O of Dennis E. Black Engineering, Inc. and Owner and President of Chambersburg Environmental, Inc. Mr. Black has performed a wide range of civil engineering functions for various residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects including site assessment and development, feasibility studies, reports, utility and infrastructure analyses and design, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, site grading, water and sewer systems design, subdivisions and land development, storm water management and storm drainage, erosion control facilities, public water facilities, street design, obtaining approvals from PA DEP, municipalities and municipal authorities and PA DOT. Additionally Mr. Black has provided consulting and design services for a variety of municipal and municipal authority clients.

Our Mission

At Dennis E. Black Engineering, Inc., our corporate mission is the pursuit of client satisfaction. We strive to achieve this mission by focusing on our values. These values are integrity, service, and quality. By applying these values to our projects, each member of our organization ensures that our clients receive the absolute highest standard of engineering competency.

Lance S. Kegerreis P.E.



Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania, 1998
Professional Engineer, Maryland, 2007
Professional Engineer, West Virginia, 2007
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1992
Mr. Kegerreis has over 19 years of experience in a wide variety of civil engineering practices in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Mr. Kegerreis is currently a Principal and the President of Dennis E. Black Engineering, Inc. He has been engineering designer and project manager on numerous residential, commercial, municipal and industrial development projects including subdivisions and land development, stormwater management, soil erosion and sedimentation control, grading plans, wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems, roadway design, construction inspections, reports, acquisition of PA DOT permits, PA DEP permitting, townships and municipal approvals. Mr. Kegerreis also has provided design and consulting services for numerous municipal clients.

Glenn D. Watson

Project Manager

Professional Land Surveyor, Pennsylvania, 1985
Professional Land Surveyor, West Virginia, 1988
Professional Land Surveyor, Maryland, 1989

Mr. Watson has over 33 years of providing professional services in surveying, design and project management services for a wide variety of residential, commercial, institutional and municipal projects in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Mr Watson has served as staff surveyor, survey crew chief and project manager. His duties include boundary and topographic surveys, construction layout surveys, plan preparation for residential and commercial subdivisions, plan preparation for commercial and industrial land developments, job acquisition, project planning, land record research, legal descriptions, computations, street and utility design, grading and earthwork design, storm water management plans and reports, erosion and sedimentation control plans and reports, and permits acquisition.


Lance Hoover

Project Manager

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Water System Operator (Class A, E1 through 14)
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Wastewater System Operator (Class B, E1 through 4)
Mr. Hoover has over 20 years of experience and related skills in:
* Water, Wastewater & Pre-Treatment Operations
*Water & Wastewater Feasibility Studies
*Water, Wastewater & Pre-Treatment Design, Layout & Permitting
*Construction Management (Including Budget Preparation and Inspection)
* Annual Budget Review and Preparation
* Preparation of Self Liquidating Debt Reports
* Inflow & Infiltration Studies
* Class A & B Bio-Solids Management
* Experience with GIS Systems, Water CAD and Sewer CAD
* Knowledge of Federal, State and Local Rules and Regulations
* Preparation of Water & Wastewater Annual Reporting
* Subdivision Management, Review and Inspection
* Grant Writing, Pennvest, USDA/RUS, CDBG, H2OPA, PEDA, PennWorks, CFA

Jamey F. DeShong

Engineering Technician

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering – 2007
Penn State University, University Park, PA

George H Forman III

Project Manager

Environmental Professional, 2006
Mr. Foreman has over 38 years of experience providing professional services in the environmental field for various industrial, commercial and municipal projects. Mr. Foreman has served as project manager involved in all aspects of Environmental Site Assessments, designs, municipal wastewater collection and treatment systems, Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning, acquisition of PA DEP module and permits, Chapter 94 reporting, feasibility studies, sanitary sewer and water systems, Small Flow Treatment Facilities, utility construction inspection, as-builts, subdivision and land development projects, shale pit mining permits, reports and approvals by PA DOT and municipalities. Mr. Foreman is also project manager for Chambersburg Environmental, Inc. handling all issues concerning water and wastewater facilities and environmental matters.

Steven P. Wolfe

Project Manager

Professional Land Surveyor, Pennsylvania, 1976
Associate Degree, Engineering and Surveying Technology, Pennsylvania State University, 1971.
Mr. Wolfe has over 35 years of providing professional services in surveying, survey related design and project management services for a wide variety of residential, commercial and municipal projects in Pennsylvania. Mr. Wolfe has served as project manager working on several large development projects performing deed research, preparing deed descriptions, subdivision design and computations, construction stakeout, survey control and property boundary, easements, stormwater management, soil erosion and sedimentation control plans, securing municipal and regulatory agency approvals.

Bradley R. Stake

Business Manager

Shippensburg University, 1991
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration – Finance
Mr. Stake has over 20 years experience related to business and financial management, accounting, and marketing. Currently, Mr. Stake is the Business Manager for Dennis E. Black Engineering, Inc. Previously, Mr. Stake was employed by Manufactures and Traders Trust Company as Assistant Vice President for commercial lending. Mr. Stake oversees corporate financial operations, marketing and planning. Mr. Stake is also President and Owner of Franklin Analytical, Inc.

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